John Joseph Colangelo

 Granada (Spain)

Tel: (974) 66817094


Translation, interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous) as well as language teaching within the framework of translation & interpreting.


2008: I finished my bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting at the University of Granada (Specialization: Arabic) which I started in 2005. I specialized in translation and interpreting. I am the only American to have finished this program at this university.

2000: I did a ten day course in Berlitz (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) concentrating on communicative approaches to language teaching.

2000: I graduated with a three year degree from the Arabic Language Institute at Umm Al-Qura University (Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) where I specialized in Arabic language-grammar, morphology, literature as well as Islamic sciences (Quran, hadeeth, jurisprudence, tafsir, theology, etc…).

1998: I graduated from the University of Granada (Spain) where I majored in Spanish (Language and literature) and minored in Arabic.

1985: Graduated from Cairo-Durham High School.


 2010 (March to Present): I work asn an Arabic to English translator for Middle East Business Solutions in Doha, Qatar.

2006 – 2010: I work as a freelance translator and interpreter as well as a teacher of Arabic to non-native speakers (normally foreign students who study Arabic at university) as well as a group of Sahrawi children who are living with Spanish families (they can speak Arabic but cannot write it so our classes are in Arabic all of the time). I translate documents from all fields within my language combination. Because I have been fortunate enough to spend such a long time in Spain and the Middle East I also translate documents from English, my mother tongue, into Arabic into Spanish. By the same token, I work in the language combination from Arabic to Spanish as well as from Spanish to Arabic. I am presently translating an Arabic grammar written by the Muslim scholar Muhammad Muhyeeddeen Abdulhameed from Arabic into Spanish. Among the other translations I have done are the following:

– Translation of article by Habeeb Al Al-Jifree titled “Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother: Mary.” This translation was from English to Spanish.

– Translation of a 67 page review report about management excellence practice and electronic governance from Arabic to English.

– Translation of the 40 page article “Living Islam with Purpose” into Spanish.

– Translation of a four page document titled “Técnica de Punción Capilar” (how to take a sample of blood from capillary of the finger in order to measure blood sugar) from Spanish into Arabic.

– Translation of over nine thousand words of the Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Mario Villarroel Lander, a very important international political figure within the International Federation of the Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies, as well as the dubbing of a video about his life from Spanish into Classical Arabic. I also did the voiceover for his Arabic Videography the link of which is here on my translation blog: .

– “Standards for Licensure & Accreditation;” Commission for Academic Accreditation, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, UAE, 2007. (From English to Arabic – 86 pages)

– “Protocolos de Consentimiento informado de las Técnicas de Reproducción Humana Asistida;” This is an agreement concerning the donation of ovocytes for the purpose of assisted reproduction (2,405 words from Spanish to Arabic).

– Several clauses from the Official Government Bulletin of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan of a mostly legal character (4,000 words from Arabic to Spanish).

– A 13,000 word Arabic to English translation of a Tunisian economic report with predominantly economic, business and legal terminology.

2006-Present: I work part time for the Royal House Group in Sharjah (UAE) where I translate documents from Arabic to English and English to Arabic.

2003 – 2006: I worked at the Private Religious Institute of Dubai as a language instructor. I was also involved in academic translations from Arabic to Spanish and English ( Religious, literary, linguistic). By the same token, I translated basic legal and commercial texts from Arabic into Spanish & English and viceversa.

2003: From January to May I worked as an Arabic professor in Granada at the Azzagra Foundation. I also translated educational as well as legal texts from Arabic to Spanish. While I was an Arabic professor, I designed an Islamic studies curriculum with strong emphasis on the Arabic language (grammar, morphology, conversation).

2002: I was a substitute teacher at Cairo-Durham Middle School and High School where I had the opportunity to teach English and Spanish.

2001: I worked as an English instructor at Berlitz – Makkah where I taught English conversation to Saudis.

1993-1998: I taught English at the Kelington Institute in Granada,  Spain where I also translated different types of documents from pharmaceutical, academic, legal etc from Spanish to English and vice versa.

1987-1990: I worked at the London School of English as an English instructor where I also did translations (mostly banking).

19985-1986: While studying at CW Post College (Long Island University) I tutored Spanish to American students.

Other Achievements:

I have recently finished an Expert Linguistic Report where I analyzed the forgery of two letters in Arabic falsely attributed to another person. I was able to demonstrate that these letters were forged by comparing them with letters which originally belonged to the person the forged ones were attributed to. In this comparative study, I found discrepancies based on errors in style, structure, grammar and terminology. My study which has been handed over to the court where the case is being tried is considered evidence by an expert witness.

Types of Translations and Software/Hardware:

Types of translations: General, legal, technical (such as user manuals), legal – scientific, banking, literary, historical, business, education etc…


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