My professional and academic objectives are intrinsically related and the essence of this relationship is language. I speak, read and write three languages fluently: English, Spanish and Arabic. My professional objectives are the means of reaching my academic ones, id est, teaching the above mentioned languages as well as interpreting and translating them.

Working with these languages requires that I study them and do research: reading of different topics expressed in these languages, a thorough grammatical study and a complete cultural understanding of the people who speak them and the reason is that the language of a people or nation, any people or nation, cannot be understood if you do not know how they think, feel, their culture or history. They are completely inseparable and as a result language can only be understood in context so this implies that he who teaches a language must also show the students the background of the peoples who speak it. This is where I want to develop myself professionally: Conveying to my students what I know about these cultures and peoples  and because I know the subject matter I can answer those difficult, searching questions which in turn satisfies their curiosity and makes them feel they have learned something which is in essence the objective of education.

As far as translating and interpreting are concerned, they are academically challenging professions for the person who desires to practise them. They oblige the language professional to acquire more knowledge with the objective of solving the ultimate dilemma of man: the lack of communication.